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The Resort Village of Cochin


Cochin, Saskatchewan is located 20 miles north of the City of North Battleford on Hwy 4. You will find us nestled between Murray Lake and Jackfish Lake. Primarily an agriculture community, Cochin is one of many central Saskatchewan communities that caters to recreation. Population grows to 2500 during the summer months, although many of our residents are making the move to live here year round. Just a short commute of 20 minutes to North Battleford, as well as 1.5 hours to Saskatoon, and 4 hours to Edmonton.

Cochin area is a true natural wonder. A bird watcher's paradise, pelicans floating on the water, fish teem in the lakes, the sound of the loons, and grasses blow in the breeze. Jackfish Lake was formed by a glacier that left behind our "rock island". Just off the coast of Martinson's Beach you can find an area of the lake covered with birds. It's a spectacular site and as you get a bit closer you can see the rocks submerged under water that form "Rock Island".

Each evening watch the beautiful sunsets across the lake. Check out the photos link for a sample of what you will see almost every evening. There is a feeling of wonder here that inspires the imagination and soothes the city-weary soul.

Cochin has the only in-land lighthouse in Saskatchewan. This working lighthouse is a beacon for boaters in the summer and skidooers in the winter.

As a family friendly community, Cochin will live long in the memories of children. The Lake. The beach. The wonder of discovery comes alive at Cochin, Saskatchewan, as a moment permanently captured in time.

Jackfish Lake

Located on the west side of Cochin, Jackfish Lake sits among gentle rolling hills left behind by glaciers some 10,000 years ago. On the east side of the lake you find the beaches and cottages/homes on Trevessa Beach, Days Beach, Chatfields Beach, Hunts Cove, Cochin, Delormes Beach, the Provincial Park, Bayview Heights and at the north end of the lake is the Village of Aquadeo. On the west side of the lake sits Martinson's Beach, the Village of Meota, Lakeview and Metinota.

Boating, sailing, fishing are just some of the summer fun activities on Jackfish Lake. Try a catch at the Northern Pike, Whitefish, and Pickerel found in our lake! The lake permits all watercraft. Public boat launches can be found at the main public beach in Cochin, at the marina in Aquadeo, and at the village of Meota.

Murray Lake

Located on the south-east side of Cochin, Murray Lake is a relatively large, deep lake. Water levels do not fluctuate severely as the lake is connected by a short canal to adjacent Jackfish Lake, and several streams, including Crystal Creek and Lost Horse Creek, supplement runoff waters from the surrounding rolling terrain. The shoreline, vegetated with sedges and associated grasses to the water's edge, is steep in several places.

Dense stands of bulrush, cattail and sedge occur on the deltas of Lost Horse and Crystal creeks and at the junction of Lehman Creek, the canal between Jackfish Lake and Murray Lake.

Both sport and commercial fishing are permitted. Anglers take whitefish, pike, perch and walleye. The lake was stocked with over four million walleye fry by the Saskatchewan Department of Natural Resources in the 1950s.

Private cottages with boat docks along the south shore of Murray Lake and several picnicking facilities and a beach attract summer visitors. Boaters from nearby Jackfish Lake use Murray Lake when the former is too windblown.

Murray Lake is primarily used by waterfowl as a staging area in the spring and fall. Over 6,000 ducks have been recorded at one time in the fall. Use by geese is less extensive. Waterfowl production is limited to the marshy area where small numbers of dabblers and divers breed.

Waterbirds and shorebirds known or believed to breed in the area are Pied-billed and Western grebes, Franklin's Gull, Forster's and Black terns, Sora, Killdeer, Common Snipe, and Wilson's Phalarope. White Pelicans, Ring-billed Gulls, Common Terns and American Avocets use Murray Lake and vicinity but do not breed there. Other birds known or believed to nest in the area include Red-winged and Yellow-headed blackbirds, Brown-headed Cowbird, Marsh Wren, Purple Martin, Tree and Barn swallows, Mountain Bluebird, Warbling and Red-eyed vireos, Common Yellowthroat, Northern Oriole, and Clay-colored, Vesper, Savannah, Le Conte's, Sharp-tailed and Song sparrows.

Writeups courtesy of the Village of Cochin

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